Why Us?

About NicheStarterSites.com

At NicheStarterSites.com, we are dedicated to providing low cost, high-quality, start-up businesses that will give even the least tech-savvy entrepreneur a head start in selling online. Our ready-made dropshipping websites are suitable for experienced marketers as well as complete newbies, allowing you to enter a new market without all the time, effort, hassle and significant expense that is usually necessary to get started.

We have over 10 years experience of running profitable websites, in a range of different sectors, and have used our expertise to bring to our customers a portfolio of business sectors that are the most desirable and profitable right now. We want our customers to succeed, so we have done everything we can to get you to the point where you are ready to start earning.

As a trusted Shopify partner, we offer websites on one of the world’s most popular eCommerce platforms, used by over 1 million businesses worldwide. Not only that, but building on Shopify means that you are on a stable platform, with access to loads of tools, apps and features that can super-charge your business, help you keep track of orders and financials easily, and enable simple website editing, without any need for coding skills.

Available Niches and Themes

We have built four slick themes for each of the 10 niches that we have specially selected for their popularity and profitability, so you can choose the theme that suits your taste and target market the best.

The stores that we specialize in include:

  • Women’s Fashion Stores
  • Men’s Fashion Stores
  • Footwear Stores
  • Lingerie Stores
  • Jewelry Stores
  • Pet Stores
  • Swimwear Stores
  • Watch Stores
  • Baby Stores
  • Electronics Stores

The Dropshipping Model

Our businesses are all based on the dropshipping model. This means no order handling, no stock inventory. Once you have received the order from your customer, you simply place the order with the supplier with just a few clicks, and the order is sent directly to your customer, with full order tracking available.

What Else is Included?

Plus every website we sell comes with the following:

  • Done-for-you site installation
  • Premium domain name
  • Remote training on how to promote and operate your business
  • 2 months FREE support & aftercare

Starting your own online business by yourself is not easy, but at NicheStarterSites.com we take all of the hard work out of the equation so that you can get started and be up and running in under 48 hours.

Please contact us here if you have any questions relating to our sites or our services.


Q: Who are the target markets for these stores?

A: These businesses mainly target the US, UK and Australian market, however please contact us if you would like to target a different territory.

Q: Do I fully own the domain name and website?

A: Yes, the domain and the website will be fully transfered over to you, usually within 48 hours of purchase.

Q: Can I get a refund?

A: It is possible to get a refund up to the point where the site and domain are handed over to you.